Around the world in 80 bakes: the index

OK, so there are a few dubious categorisations here to make the images line up. But I’ve done my best.

Biscuits (aka cookies)

Breads (loaves)

Breads – sweet



Pastries – sweet

Savoury dishes


3 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 bakes: the index

  1. Great to find your blog. I am reading and baking my way around the world a one or two countries a month and your blog will be a great source of inspiration. Just made black sesame cookies from Japan today. They were really easy and very tasty!

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  2. Done for now! But I might resume some time. This blog doesn’t do classical music because my day job is running, which is totally devoted to it! So you’ll find my writing on classical music there…


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